Science and Cutting Edge Research

Cutting edge research

With all the new discoveries in quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics being made in recent years, we are finding scientific evidence now verifying that what we think and feel plays a dominant role in the condition of our health, longevity, abilities, limitations, healing, happiness, and even our very reality!

Exciting research also shows that the quantumness of the universe might have consciousness. It´s like a field of consciousness saturating everything.


You are a part of this “field” of consciousness meaning you are more than your body. You are body, mind and soul. When you understand how the body, mind and soul work together in this Universe you can reach any goal your heart desires.

We are all very powerful beings, but most people don´t believe this or know this. They think the recipe for success is all about hard work with a bit of luck and coincidence “thrown into” the mix.  It´s not.

This Universe is an orderly Universe with certain rules, guidelines and laws. Once you start to look into these Universal Laws you´ll start to see the Bigger Picture of Reality.

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